WANDA™ QuickTouch

WANDA™ QuickTouch is a battery-powered button device that leverages the LTE-M cellular network, reducing infrastructure requirements and expanding WANDA’s reach.  The IoT button provides Visionstate with the ability to connect remote restrooms to the solution by enabling basic alerts, cleanings and ratings.

WANDA™ QuickTouch analytics displayed on dashboard show the times, dates and locations of all alerts either real time or over a time period.

WANDA™ QuickTouch provides the ability to send alerts with the simple push of a button. This initiates an alert to management of an issue in a specific area or restroom, as well as the time the alert was issued. By mobilizing cleaning staff to engage the QuickTouch button after addressing an alert, facility managers can track the number of alerts in a specific location, their frequency, as well as times or dates the alerts are occurring. Heat maps in the Wanda analytics dashboard show concentrations of alerts for when they occur most often, providing managers the capacity to plan staffing levels accordingly.

WANDA™ QuickTouch 5 Easy Steps

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Invented by Visionstate IoT, WANDA™ is a unique “Internet-Of-Things” instrument that helps digitize washrooms as well as public areas, providing a better solution to facility management.

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