WANDA™ Family

WANDA™ is short for Washroom | Attendant | Notification | Digital Aid, developed by Visionstate Corp.

As of now, there are three major products in the WANDA™ family, WandaNEXT™WANDA™ QuickTouch and WANDA™ Mobile

WANDA™ is currently the only alternative to the paper sign-up sheet that renders information to the facility management as to a possible toilet flooding, empty soap dispensers or a shortage of toilet paper in some stalls. In a nutshell, WANDA™ provides:

Real-time analytics on resources used

Better customer service, more efficient operations, inventory control

Installed in high-visibility areas, increases public perception of cleanliness

Higher employee accountability and work optimization


WandaNEXT™, powered by Visionstate IoT, is being exclusively distributed by Bunzl Canada.

WANDA™ QuickTouch

An affordable and easy-to-install battery-powered device, fully providing the best features of WANDA™

WANDA™ Mobile

Mimic the back-end functionality of the physical WANDA™, leveraging its capability to more conveniently monitor data

About Us

Invented by Visionstate IoT, WANDA™ is a unique “Internet-Of-Things” instrument that helps digitize washrooms as well as public areas, providing a better solution to facility management.

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